H-170 JINBAORI,  Samurai Warrior Lord's camp overcoat with Toyotomi related samurai clan mon ((heraldic emblem) on back

JINBAORI is a garment for use in camp or battlefield and worn over the armor. The jimbaori is a loose sleeveless overcoat that hangs to mid-thigh length and is made of wool, silk and cotton. It has the advantage of giving a more important appearance to the wearer. It is worn when beginning a march, retreating to rest, at inspections, when triumphantly returning, at the assembly of higher rank samurai. Anyone holding an important position must wear one always.
This is late Edo/early Meiji period ( about 1850's) woolen JINBAORI with row silk lining and silk brocaded ornament and embroidery. The ground cloth is wool fabric called "goro". The shoulders have a kind of epaulette design made of silk brocade material. The front panels are made of silk black brocade. It has patchwork crest samurai family mon (heraldic emblem) of Toyotomi family and retained are placed on JINBAORI  back.
Excellent condition according to it age and without moth bites. Partly restored ( lining, button)
An excellent item to accompany a suit of armor or samurai display
Length: 90,5 cm
shoulder width: 60 cm

Price: $ 1 250.00

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