japanese warrior signal shell horn HORAGAI, kate Edo era

junkai or horagai, jingasa and kenka kiseru smoking pipe, late Edo era

AS-016 Japanese Samurai and Yamabushi Monks Big Signal Conch-Shell JINKAI or HORAGAI

JINKAI or HORAGAI Horn have been used to give signals or commands during military campaigns of samurai or warrior monks Yamabushi for signal their presence or movements to one another across mountaintops.
Copper mouthpiece attached to the conch by lacquer, Leather rope with root netsuke on the end attached to HORAGAI's body.

Measurements : 41 cm length
Late Edo era
Excellent condition with very nice patina  due to usage and age.

Price: $ 1 450.00
*Shipping and insurance fee incl.
japanese antique shell trumpet horagai, late Edo era
HORAGAI, Japanese antique shell trumpet for battle signals
japanese samurai warrior's shell trumpet JINKAI for battle signals
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