japanese samurai warrior cuirass DO with buddhist symbol in front
samurai warrior cuirass DO, late Muromachi era
japanese samurai warriori helmet Kabuto, late Muromachi period
japanese samurai 16 iron plates suji-bachi helmet Kabuto
Y-021 Japanese samurai warrior  armor suit Nimaido Gusoku with war helmet Kabuto with Crescent maetate

Japanese samurai warrior armor suit Nimaido Gusoku with 16 iron plate and lacquered suji-bachi helmet KABUTO and iron cuirass DO with golden Buddhist symbol - Manju. Inside the DO is lined with lacquered  leather. On the back of the cuirass DO is the Sashimono - flag holder.
The neck is protected with 5 iron plates Hineno-Shikoro guard ( all laces are replaced).
DoMaru Gusoku protective skirt - KUSAZURU made of black lacquered  leather plates with iron core (rod) inside (some lose) and with dark-blue lace (all  replaced)

MENPO - samurai protective iron mask in style of Nara Sita Ho with bushy mustache. and with three lines throat defense.

Condition: with some expected degradation due to its age. Antique wooden chest  with metal handles for samurai armor suit  for storage comes with as well as special wooden hanger for dispay

menpo - samurai warrior protective mask

japanese samurai warriori helmet Kabuto
japanese samurai warriori helmet Kabuto

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