Tessen, Samurai Warrior Lord's iron battle fan with engraved image of Samirai family crest and bamboo leaves

samurai warrior lord iron battle fan TESSEN, Edo period
japanese iron battle fan TESSEN, Edo period
Samurai Art: pair of antique stirrups, battle fan tessen and katana sword
T-016 Japanese samurai warrior's  iron battle fan TESSEN (GUN-SEN) with engraved image of a samurai family mon and bamboo leaves on outside ribs and with Rising Sun image

Japanese Samurai Warrior Lord's battle folding fan TESSEN in style of gunsen gata with 10 iron ribs. Two-side of the battle fan are  painted with an image of the Gold Rising Sun on black lacquered (urushi) background.
Upper-end and lower-end fan iron ribs have been artistically decorated with an engraved relief gilded and silvered images of  bamboo leaves and samurai family mon or crest

Very rare and highly collectible item of the Samurai Art!
Late Edo period.

Good condition according to age ( see photos).
Dimensions: length: 35,2 cm
Weight: 900 grams

japanese iron battle fan TESSEN, detail of engaving, silvering and guilding
Japanese Samurai often carried out special designed self-defense devices along with traditional two-katana set (daishyo). Folding fan Tessen (Gunsen) with iron ribs, had an important role among them.  Tessen was very acceptable in any situation thus leaving the samurai always armed with at least one very effective defensive weapon. Practice of Tessen-jitsu was considered sophisticated part of the classical Japanese martial art.
antique japanese iron battle fan TESSEN, detail of relief
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