KARUTA ZUKIN KABUTO ( Samurai Warrior's iron Hood Helmet), Edo period

Japanese samurai warrior's iron folding helmet Tatami Zukin Kabuto, Edo

Japanese antique folding kabuto helmet, Edo period
Japanese antique folding kabuto helmet Tatami bachi, Edo period
AS-063 Samurai warrior iron folding helmet ZUKIN KABUTO mid Edo period

Antique Samurai Warrior's iron  folding KARUTA ZUKIN KABUTO ( Hood Helmet) adult size, tatami style portable helmet hood made from small rectangular armor plates karuta covered by kuro-iro lacquer and connected to each other by chain and with iron six plated neck guard SHIKORO with three plates connected with lace and covered with red lacquer.
Tatami amours were worn by all samurai classes from the highest class to the lowest class.
Edo period.
Master's sign on iron plate inside
Some wear and cracking to the lacquer as represented on photos might have been incurred in due to using by the warrior but it is in very good condition overall according to age.

Price: US$ 980.00
samurai warrior KARUTA ZUKIN KABUTO, Edo period
folding kabuto
japanese antique war hood helmet  KARUTA ZUKIN KABUTO, Edo period
samurai warrior folding helmet  KARUTA ZUKIN KABUTO, Edo period
samurai warrior folding helmet  KARUTA ZUKIN KABUTO, Edo period
japanese antique: folding war helmet, signal horn jinkai, iron smoking pipe-weapon
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