Samurai Warrior's Iron  Folded Kabuto, Edo period
AS-064 Japanese antique iron folding helmet TATAMI HACHI GANE, Edo period

Japanese warrior's iron folding helmets  TATAMI BACHI or TATAMI HACHI GANE(forehead  and neck protector) are very simple but yet practical foldable and easy to store and carry armor.  Folding kabuto helmets had been made from several iron plates, often light but of good quality iron and with no ornaments. They were used by low and high ranking samurai warriors as they were easy to take on travels.

This is late Edo period samurai warrior's iron plated folding TATAMI HACHI GANE adult size, with pair iron long protectors Mimi Ate Shikoro on both side for neck.
The holes on the Shikoro neck protectors and on the helmet's body of  HACHI GANE are used for fastening inner lining (removable) which is absent now.

Excellent condition according to age with some tears.

Price: US$ 780.00
forehead protector folding iron helmet Tatatmi Bachi, Edo era
TATAMI HACHI GANE , samaurai warrior's folding iron forehead protector , Edo
Samurai Warrior's Iron forehead protector Tatatmi Bachi, Edo period

Samurai Warrior Folding Kabuto Tatatmi Bachi, Edo period
japanese warrior's iron forehead protector tatami bachi, Edo period
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