japanese samurai warrior lord helmet JINGASA, late Edo period
AS-036 Japanese Samurai Warrior helmet JINGASA with Samurai family mon (heraldic emblem) and crossed bar on top

Edo period of Japanese history was a peaceful, and JINGASA  became more popular then more heavy KABUTO helmet. The function of the JINGASA was still the same as for KABUTO, but with less accent on protection against arrow or sword, but from rain and wind, and to showing the Samurai's social status. It could be wear for hunting, riding or for police duty.
This is black lacquered samurai warrior's lord JINGASA of late Edo era  in shape of Bajo Gasa (for riding), with golden ARIMA mon ( heraldic emblem) associated with daimyo family of HIZEN princedom and also with crossed bar on top.
The interior of JINGASA is gold lacquer with black samurai clan ARIMA mon and it's show the high social status of an owner. Head inside cushion and straps were restored  instead of old one.
Excellent condition according to age. 

Jingasa, samurai warrior lord helmet with samurai family mon
japanese samurai warrior lord helmet JINGASA with golden mon and cross
jingasa, late Edo period
jingasa, samurai warrior lord helmet
samurai jingasa (helmet)
japanese samurai warrior lord helmet JINGASA with golden mon and cross
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