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Japanese antique and vintage kimono, hakama and haori :

It's been a long time since Japanese people began wearing western clothes in their daily lives. But KIMONO, the Japanese traditional clothes, are not something what can be leave behind. Elaborate design and sumptuous silk material reached the hearts and minds of people all over the world.
Japanese antique and vintage kimonos and kimono jackets haori presented on our site have been decorated with a wide array of traditional techniques, each with distinctive characteristics that encouraged imaginative imagery. Its are one-of-a-kind works of textile art that can either be displayed or worn.
Each kimono gives dramatically different impression and all kimono are hand sewn and "one of a kind".
A range of decorative approaches you can see with kimonos: intricate embroidery in satin stitch or metallic couching, delicate shaded resist painting, applied gold foil, elaborate brocading.
Woman's and man's kimono jacket or HAORI is a light weight jacket worn over the kimono. Most of men's black haori are made of high quality fine silk called 'habutae' and have refined pictures of the lining. A variety of unique pictures are woven, painted or printed on their linings. The motifs are limitless, from picturesque surroundings to the Noh play mask, animals and battle-pieces. For this reason, men's kimono jacket or haori can be excellent for wall hanging with the inside out. And vintage haori match with modern clothes perfectly. Haori can be worn as a blazer or jacket due to its color and length and these pieces with hand-painted or woven silk lining are wear turned inside out.
There were many rules to wear Japanese kimono as a garment. But taking vintage and antique Japanese kimono into our life now, there are no rules. With your artistic flair, they become alive again, as a garment, as tailored evening dress with kimono inspiration, or an interior decor to brighten up the corner of your home.  We will send you our kimono directly from Japan.

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