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Japanese women's antique and vintage selected kimono and haori : 

japanese wedding kimono, 1960's
W-032 Japanese Silk-Brocaded and Embroidered Wedding Kimono Gown, Vintage, 1960-70's

Magnificent Japanese silk-brocaded and artistically embroidered wedding kimono gown  with intricate pattern and many traditional techniques. 
White storks as Japanese symbol of love forever flying over violet and gold mountains, which are  full flowers and green pines - its are Japanese symbols of a prosperity and longevity - are embroidered, weaved and painted artistically on red-gold silk brocaded background.  The kimono's hem is padded, and kimono is fully lined with scarlet silk.
The kimono garment is in excellent conditions, like new.
It was preserved very carefully  and was wear only once. Bright interior design statement and also great collectors item or to wear for theatre stage.

  • material: silk brocade
  • color: scarlet-gold
  • dimension:
    sleeve-end to sleeve-end: 132 cm / 51,9"
    length: 190 cm / 74,8"
    sleeve length: 105 cm / 41,3"
  • condition: excellent

detail of japanese wedding kimono fabric

japanese raditional wedding kimono gown
japanese wedding kimono gown
detail of japanese wedding kimono fabric

detail of japanese wedding kimono fabric

detail of japanese wedding kimono fabric
japanese wedding gown
japanese wedding gown
japanese traditional wedding kmono gown, 1960's detail of japanese weddding kimono pattern
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