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Japanese women's antique and vintage selected kimono and haori :

japanese traditional silk festive kimono FURISODE, vintage
Japanese silk antique kimono with hand painting and partly embroidering, (OK-261 ) 1960's

A piece of Japanese art this woman's traditional magnificent soft silk kimono with long sleeves (furisode type) is finely adorned with  hand-painted floral design  partly embroidered with gold and silver treads and silvered.  Transparency colored from ivory to salmon pink this breathtaking kimono is fully lined with silk and has very artistic taste. Stunning interior design statement and also great collectors item or to wear for theatre stage.
Very good conditions  with small almost invisible yellowish stains on two flowers at the kimono front  hem.
This kimono was especially made for wedding ceremony for very rich Japanese family heiress.

Price: US$ 980.00 (obi belt is not incl.)
  • material: silk
  • dimension:
    sleeve-end to sleeve-end: 128 cm / 50,3"
    length: 155 cm / 61,0"
    full around: 137 cm/ 53,9"
    sleeve length: 105 cm / 41,3"
  • condition: very good

* Express mail delivery fee to USA - US$ 58.00, to UK and Europe: US$ 62.00
*Japanese traditional obi belt see here-->
japanese kimono detail of fabric pattern

japanese silk wedding kimono, vintage
japanese garment
japanese silk kimono: detail of fabric pattern

japanese silk kimono: detail of pattern

japanese kimono: detail of pattern

japanese silk kimono gown, vintage
japanese cloth
japanese traditional festive silk kimono, vintage japanese traditional  hand painted silk vintage kimono, 1960's
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