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Japanese women's antique and vintage selected kimono and haori : 

OK-095 Japanese traditional silk kimono, vintage, 1950-60's

Nicely designed Japanese woman's everyday's kimono  made from mixed fabric and decorated with printed  folding fans and Japanese traditional dancing baby-dolls motif on purple-blue figured background.
The kimono is fully lined with white silk.
The kimono is in excellent condition ( like new).

Price: US$ 145.00 (obi belt is not incl.)
  • material: figured mixed silk/cotton
  • color: purple-blue
  • dimension:
    sleeve-end to sleeve-end: 130 cm / 51,1"
    length: 150 cm / 59 "
    full around: 125 cm / 49,2"
    sleeve length: 45 cm / 17,7"
  • condition: excellent (not used)

Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 48.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 52.00

*Japanese traditional obi belt see here-->

japanese kimono design pattern
japanese traditional woman's kimono, 1960-'s
japanese traditional woman's kimono japanese traditional woman's kimono

japanese traditional woman's kimono, detail of design
japanese traditional woman's kimono
japanese traditional woman's kimono
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