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Japanese women's antique and vintage selected kimono and haori : 

H-073 Japanese traditional silk woman's haori, vintage, 1950's

HAORI is traditional Japanese mid-length loose jacket that serve as a coat to be worn over a kimono. All kimono jackets are hand sewn and "one of a kind". Haori can be used as an unique garment or as  interior decoration.
This is  Japanese woman silk kimono jacket HAORI with floral motif. Dark red velvet flowers are incised (Jacquard) on black silk background. Haori is fully lined with white silk with peacock and clouds motif.
Haori is in excellent condition inside and outside and has very artistic taste.

Sold, thank you
  • material: Silk Jacquard
  • color: black-red
  • length: 75 cm / 29,5"
  • sleeve end to sleeve end 123 cm / 48,4"
  • back wide: 60 cm / 23,6"
  • condition: excellent

kimono jacket detail of jacquard fabric

japanese traditional woman kimono jacket HAORI
japanese vintage kimono jakcet, haori
kimono jacket detail of jacquard fabric

haori, deisgn of a  lining
japanese traditional woman kimono jacket HAORI
japanese traditional woman kimono jacket HAORI
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