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Japanese women's antique and vintage selected kimono and haori :

silk kimono, antique
Japanese antique silk  kimono (#OK-167) with landscape with houses, river and castle motif, Antique, 1920's

Japanese woman's  antique soft silk kimono with fine picturesque landscape design emerges through the fabric darck violet background
This type of woman's kimono was in fashion in the 1920's at the end of Meiji and early Taisho period. You can see hand-painted Japanese porcelain vase of that time with design of beauties dressed with such type kimono and admiring of cherry blossom on the pond's shore.
The Kimono is fully lined with light white-pink silk.
Very good condition according to age with no damage and with sophisticated and really antique taste .
There were many rules to wear kimono as a garment. But taking them into our life now, there are no rules. With your artistic flair, kimono become alive again, as a garment, as tailored evening dress with kimono inspiration.

Price: US$ 320.00 (obi belt is not incl.)
  • material: soft  silk
  • color: inky-violet (with electric light  it's looks like bright-violet)
  • dimensions:
    sleeve-end to sleeve-end: 124 cm / 48,4"
    length: 149 cm / 58,6"
    back: 58 cm / 22,8"
    full around: 128 cm/ 50,3"
    sleeve length: 52 cm / 20,4"
  • condition: very good inside and outside with no damage.
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 46.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 48.00
*Japanese traditional obi belt see here-->
japanese lady's silk antique kimono
japanese lady's silk antique kimono

silk kimono fabric design
japanese lady's silk antique kimono
Japanese silk kimono fabric pattern

Japanese silk kimono fabric pattern
japanese lady's silk antique kimono

japanese lady's silk antique kimono

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