japanese picture on man's silk antique kimono back
Japanese man's silk kimono with hand painted Ukiyo-e style motif (OK-255 ), Antique, 1950's

Japanese man's traditional man's pure silk kimono with silk lining and with hand painted three geisha beauties dressed in wonderfully rendered kimono and obi belt on the garment's back upper part . One geisha paints a calligraphy while the other two watching and one of them smoking traditional Japanese long tobacco pipe kiseru. The painting made in traditional Japanese ukiyo-e style. The kimono has a removable collar colored in dark blue, The kimono is fully lined with white silk. Signed by artist. About 1950's.

Price: US$ 365.00 ( obi belt is not incl.)
  • material: natural silk
  • color: light blue to blue gradation
  • dimension:
    sleeve-end to sleeve-end: 124 cm /48,8"
    length: 134 cm / 52,7"
    back wide: 63 cm / 24,8"
    full around: 132 cm / 51,9"
  • condition: excellent according to age with no damage.
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia -  US$45.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 48.00
* Here you can choose suitable traditional Japanese obi sash belt for kimono
japanese silk antique kimono painting detail
japanese man's silk  kimono with hand painting scene ob kimono's back
japanese man's traditional garment: silk hand painted kimono with lining and obi belt japanese man's silk kimono and obi sash belt. The Black Samurai Online Store

ukiyo-e style design on japanese man's silk antique kimono

ukiyo-e style design on japanese man's silk antique kimono
japanese man's silk antique kimono
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