japanese picture on silk vintage  kimono back
Japanese man's pure silk kimono with hand painted with mountain landscape motif (OK-260), Vintage, 1960's

Japanese man's soft silk kimono with  hand painted  picturesque mountain's landscape with boat and small village and pine trees on stony shore on kimono's back upper and with tie-dying (shibori) design on kimono back, side and sleeve. The Kimono is half lined with silk and has removable dark-blue collar.  Obi belt is not incl.
The garment is in very good condition according to age with no damage.

  • material: soft silk
  • color: grayish-blue gradation
  • dimension:
    sleeve-end to sleeve-end: 136 cm /  53,9"
    length: 138 cm / 54,3"
    back wide: 66 cm /  25,9"
    full around: 143 cm / 56,3"
  • condition: very good condition
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 34.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 36.00
* Here you can choose traditional Japanese obi sash belt for kimono and yukata
japanese picture on silk kimono
japanese man's traditional garment: silk kimono, vintage
japanese man's silk vintage kimono with hand painting japanese outfit, japanese man's traditional silk kimono

japanese man's silk vintage kimono
japanese man's silk vintage kimono

japanese traditional clothes: man's silk hand painted kimono
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