japanese antique tobacco pipe and self-defense weapon or kenka kiseru
japanese self defense weapons: tobacco pipes kenka kiseru nad jutte

japanese antique tobacco pipe and self-defense weapon KENKA KISERU, Meiji era
japanese antique tobacco pipe, detail of engraved silver mouthpiece
AC-083 Japanese antique sliver engraved tobacco pipe or kenka kiseru ( self defense weapon) of Meiji era

Japanese antique long and heavy silver smoking pipe and self defense weapon or 'kenka kiseru' with bamboo body and silver mouthpiece and bowl.
An Image of flying Dragon on the sky among the clouds  is engraved artistically on the pipe's mouthpiece. And Mt. Fuji image is engraved on the pipe's head. Stamped by artist on the silver head of the tobacco pipe.
Highly collectible.
About mid. Meiji period.
Excellent condition except of some age worn .
Material: silver mouthpiece and head (bowl), bamboo stem
Measurements: 30,5 cm / 11,8" in length.
Weight: 115 gram


In the old times in Japan some specially made tobacco pipes with sufficiently heavy contraction were used as suitable self defense weapons in everyday life by both samurai and commoners. "Kenka kiseru" in Japanese means "fight pipe". Usually this type of smoking pipes had brass mouthpiece, bamboo or metal stem and brass bowl. In later period pipe's mouthpiece and bowl were adorned by fine engraving and were made from silver.
japanese antique tobacco pipe, detail

japanese antique tobacco pipe, detail
japanese antique tobacco pipe, detail

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