japanese traditional hair adornment set of comb and hair-pin
japanese traditional hair adornment set of comb and hair-pin
K-085 Japanese antique wooden, lacquered, hand painted
Comb and Pull-apart hair pin set

Gorgeous hand-painted Japanese hair adornment set of black-red lacquered comb and pull-apart hair-pin with Japanese mythical Hou-Oy Bird of Paradise among flowers, and with  mother-of-pearl inlay. Signed by artist.  An exquisite addition to any collection.
About 1940's., early Showa period
Excellent condition.
Measurements: hair-pin length: 18.6cm , comb: 11,1 cm x 5,7 cm

Price: US$ 455.00

*Express mail (EMS) delivery fee and insurance from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 25.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 28.00
japanese antique hair adornment set
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