samurai warrior, japanese hakata figure

samurai warrior, japanese antique hakata clay figure, 1950's

OH-126 Samurai warrior with spear and large loving-cup in his hands, antique Hakata clay figure

Large and unique Japanese Hakata figure of a SAMURAI WARRIOR is robed finely painted dark-yellow-beige kamishimo (samurai formal costume) with family crest (mon). A tanto dagger scabbard tuck into his kimono belt as well as command folding fan tessen. The upper part of his kamishimo is thrown back from one shoulder. His is on one knee one hand raised with a large sake bowl and in the other hand he holds a spear yari. His face is very expressive. His kamishimo bears an artist's signature. Wooden stand with a title of artwork along with artist name comes with.
Excellent condition according to age with no damage and with good artistic taste.
Time: about 1950's
Dimensions: 41 cm /16, 5 inches high

Price: US$ 980.00 (golden screen is not incl.)

*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance from Japan to USA will be approx. US$ 98.00 - 118.00
samurai warrior, japanese antique hakata clay figure, 1950's
japanese antique hakata figure of a samurai warrior, 1950's

japanese hakata ceramic figure of the samurai warrior

SAMURAI WARRIOR, Japanese doll

SAMURAI WARRIOR, Japanese traditional ceramic doll
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