japanese antique hakata ceramic doll
OH-147 Dance of the Palace Little Boys with gold folding fan and small drum in their hands, Japanese antique Hakata ceramic dolls

Lovely Japanese Hakata ceramic figurine  depicts two little boys brought up in the imperial palace dance a traditional dance. One of the boy is wearing court clothes consist of dark-blue kimono with peony flowers motif and violet kamishimo with  painted bamboo stems on the hem dressed over the kimono and a high golden headdress on his head. He holds a folding golden fan with storks, pine and Sun painting in his hands. Other boy dressed in pink-yellow-blue kimono and striped hakama is balancing on one of his legs in pose of a dance and has a small drum in his hand. He accompanies the rhythm of their dance.
Very good condition overall according to age.
Black lacquered wooden stand come with.
Time: Around mid 1930's
Dimensions:  23,8 cm / 9,4 inches high

Price: US$ 310.00
*Mail delivery fee with full insurance is US$ 75.00 - 82.00
**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
Japanese antique ceramic doll of a little boy-musician, 1930's
japanese hakata clay doll of a little  boy-dancer with small drum in his hand
Japanese ceramic doll of a little  boy-dancer with small drum in his hand
Japanese antique ceramic doll of a little boy-musician
Japanese antique ceramic doll of a little boy-dancer
japanese antique hakata ceramic dolls of dancers, 1930's
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