Dojoji, Japanese collectible Hakata doll, 1970's
Japanese Noh Theater Actor, collectible japanese doll
OH-088 KIYOHIME, Japanese Noh and Kabuki Theatre Character,
collectible Hakata clay figurine, 1970's

Amazing and highly collectible Japanese Hakata Doll of a Noh Theatre Character as KIYOHIME, standing on theater wooden stage.
KIYOHIME  in her past was a young girl who was very offended by a false promise to marry her. And because of this, she turned into an evil spirit to take revenge on her former lover.
She is dressed in white under-kimono and upper black kimono with golden family crests and violet lining. This kimono is pulled down from both her shoulders, beautifully painted and tied with white colored obi sash belt . KIYOHIME holds a wooden stick in one of her hand and red clothes with golden geometrical pattern in other her hand.
The actor's face is hidden behind the mask of an evil spirit HANNYA- a large and terrible snake.
The play of the Japanese Noh theater, as well as it is also played in the Kabuki theater is called Dojoji (道成寺)

Very rare and beautifully hand sculpted and painted figurine. Author's work. 
Excellent conditions with no damage.

Time: 1970's
Dimensions: 29 cm / 11,4" high

Price: US$ 780.00

*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance will be approx. US$ 75.00 - 85.00
**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
the artist sign on the bottom of Japanese clay doll

Japanese Noh Theatre Character with mask, japanese collectible Hakata figure
Dojoji, Japanese Noh Theatre Character, Dojoji, Japanese Noh Theatre Character,
Dojoji, Japanese Noh Theatre Character, collectible clay figurine
KIYOHIME, Japanese Noh Theatre Character with mask from the DOJOJI play
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