Japanese Hakata bride doll dressed with traditional wedding kimono
japanese hakata clay doll of a bride in wedding costume
OH-182 Japanese Bride dressed with wedding kimono, vintage Hakata clay doll

Rare Japanese Hakata figurine  of a young woman dressed with traditional wedding kimono gown - uchikake is pearly white and hand painted with flying white crane and traditional geometrical design and white silk kimono tied on her back with golden obi sash belt with octagonal motif - Japanese good wises symbol. She also has  a tanto dagger wrapped with white silk fabric with silk rope and two tassels on the ends of the ropes. Tanto knife was a required element for samurai class lady's wedding costume. Lady's black hair adorned with wedding  ceremony. The young bride holds traditional wedding folding fan with long white silk rope with tassels end  attached to the fan in her hands.
Her black hair adorned with golden flowers and hair pins and with white scarf.
Highly collectibles doll is in excellent conditions  with no damage.

Time: Around mid 1980's
Dimensions: 26 cm / 10,2 inches high
Black wooden stand comes with.

Price: US$  380.00
*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance  approx. US$ 55.00 - 60.00
**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
japanese ceramic bride doll

Japanese Hakata clay figurine of a bride in wedding costume
japanese hakata clay doll of a bride in wedding costume
japanese hakata clay doll of a bride in wedding costume
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