japanese hakata doll
OH-089 Young Geisha dancing with gold folding fan, vintage Hakata clay figurine

Lovely vintage Japanese Hakata clay doll  of young geisha dressed with aquamarine colored upper kimono with dark-red lining hand painted with cherry blossom motif and white and red under-kimonos. Hew wide and heavy obi belt adorned with golden pine trees and tied with big bow on her back.
She stands in dance pose with golden fan open in her hand  and hiding her other hand inside the kimono' wide sleeve. Her hairstyle embellished with wooden comb, long hair-pins and with t-blue colored silk scarf.
Figure of a young geisha is in excellent condition like new, hand painted, gilded, hand modeled.

Time: Around mid 1980-90's
Dimensions: 45 cm / 17,8 inches high

**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
japanese hakata clay doll of dancing geisha, detail
geisha with folding fan, japanese Hakata clay doll
japanese hakata clay doll of a geisha dancing with folding fan, 1980-90's
geisha dancing with foldin fan, Japanese clay doll
japanese ceramic figurine of a geisha dancing with folding fan
japanese hakata clay geisha doll
Dancing Geisha with golden fan, Japanese clay doll, Hakata
japanese hakata clay doll of a geisha with folding fan, artist signature
japanese hakata clay doll of dancing geisha, detail
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