Japanese masterpiece Hakata clay figurine of a dancing young geisha with umbrella
japanese hakata clay doll of a dancing geisha with umbrella open, 1970's
japanese hakata clay doll of a dancing geisha with umbrella open, 1970's
OH-094 Young geisha dancing with big umbrella open, Hakata clay doll

Exquisite Japanese Hakata figurine of a young beauty dressed with light  gray colored upper kimono  with blue flowers and antique fans motif,  crimson-red second kimono with cherry blossom motif and with striped obi belt tied with big bow on her back dancing traditional Japanese dance with big umbrella. She holds an umbrella's stick in her hand and slightly sits down for depicting a sudden gust of wind. Her dancing pose is sensual and full of elegance.
Excellent condition with no damage.
Real masterpiece!.

The composition is quite heavy and consists of 3 parts : the doll, clay umbrella, wooden umbrella's stick, wooden stage, wooden stand with artist name and a diploma
Time: Around 1970-80's
Dimension of the doll: 42 cm / 17,7 inches high
Diameter of the umbrella: 34 cm / 13,3 inches

*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance  will be approx. US$ 150.00 - 160.00
**Japanese traditional glass case for display and storage can be provided additionally
artist's sign on Hakata doll base
japanese clay doll
Japanese traditional art: dancing geisha Hakata clay doll
Japanese clay doll of a dancing geisha
Japanese clay doll of a dancing geisha. detail of a kimono
Japanese clay doll of a dancing geisha. Composition

japanese hakata doll of a dancing geisha
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