japanese hakata clay doll, vintage
OH-039 Japanese woman dressed with dark-blue kimono, vintage Hakata clay figurine

Lovely vintage Hakata figurine  of a woman dressed with dark-blue kimono hand painted with parasols and willow branches design.  Her lower kimono colored in  pale pink and other lower kimono  is red. Her obi belt with traditional Hakata design tied  with big bow on the back. Her hairstyle embellished with wooden comb , long hair-pin and with blue ribbon.
She is straightening her hairstyle with one hand and holds her kimono's long sleeve with her other hand.

Very good condition overall with no damage but with light spots of dust on the pale-pink kimono and neck .

Time: Around mid 1950's
Dimensions: 33 cm / 12,99 inches high


**Glass case for display and storage can be provided additionally by request
Japanese traditional doll detail
japanese hakata doll, 1950's
Japanese traditional doll detail
Japanese traditional ceramic doll of a woman in dark blue kimono
Japanese traditional doll of a woman in dark blue kimono Japanese traditional doll of a woman in dark blue kimono

Japanese Hakata doll of a woman in dark blue kimono, vintage
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