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Hakata figurine as KOKAJI, Japanese Noh Theater Character
OH-181 KOKAJI, Japanese Noh Theater Character,  Hakata clay figure, 1950's

Absolutely rare Japanese antique large and finely painted and modeled Hakata figure  of a Noh Theatre Actor as Kokaji with mask and  beautiful stage costume, white long hair wig with tiara in form of a silver fox. The actor has balanced in a dance pose standing on one his leg and holds his sleeves ends in his hands.
“Kokaji”( The Swordsmith) is a popular play of Noh Theatre, whose story tells about the events that took place in the 11th century. In that time the Emperor ordered Sanjo no Kokaji Munechika, a renowned sword maker, to forge a sword, he saw in his dream. And Munechika insisted at first that he cannot forge a sword because he does not have a partner sword-smith, who is as skilful he is.
And then Sanjo no Kokaji Munechika visited the Inari Shrine and prayed. And the deity of Inari ( The Fox) Shrine appeared as a boy and promised to work with Munechika as his partner. And finally they successfully forged an excellent sword for the Emperor. And it was engraved with two names on the sword “Kokaji Munechika” and “Kogitsune" ( The Little Fox).

Figurine is in very good condition overall with no cracks or missing parts, however some little dark spots (see photos) due to the fact that it is an old thing. Wide wooden stand in a shape of Noh Theatre's stage and wooden stand with the artist name come with.

Time: Around 1950's
Artist name: Yachiro
Dimensions: 31 cm / 12,2 inches high

Price: US$ 1 280.00
*Express mail delivery fee with full insurance will be approx. US$ 120.00 - 140.00

**Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request
Hakata doll of KOKAJI, Japanese Noh Theater Character
KOKAJI, Japanese Noh Theater Character
japanese antique ceramic figurine of Kokaji, 1950's
japanese hakata clay figurine of Kokaji, 1950's
KOKAJI, Japanese Noh Theater Character. The Black Samurai Online Store
hakata figurine KOKAJI, 1950's
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