samurai, clay figurine
OH-127 Samurai warrior with lance and large loving-cup, Hakata clay figurine

Japanese Hakata figurine of a samurai warrior is robed in finely painted dark blue kamishimo (samurai formal costume) with golden and silver leaves motif and with a tanto dagger tucked in his belt.
His gray kimono adorned with family crest or mon.
He holds a long spear in one hand, and the  large sake bowl decorated with golden leaves in his other hand.

Time: 1950's
Dimensions: 30,5 cm / 12 inches high

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japanese hakata clay figurine of a samurai warrior
samurai doll, Hakata, Japan, 1950's
japanese samurai warrior, Hakata ceremic figurine
japanese samurai warrior, Hakata ceremic figurine
samurai warrior, japanese clay doll
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