japanese traditional kimekomi doll, 1950's
japanese traditional kimekomi doll
KI-057 Japanese Kimekomi doll of a Young Long-Hair Beauty walking with cypress fan in her hands, 1950's

Lovely Japanese doll in kimekomi technique represents young lady dressed with Kamakura style clothes  Her long black hair adorned with pink silk band and  long hair-pin. Her silk brocaded upper kimono gown uchkake  right sleeve is thrown off to reveal her light colored  figured silk under kimono and orange colored obi belt. She hold a ancient cypress fan closed and wrapped with silk treads.

Japanese word 'Kimekomi' means "tuck in". The doll body is made of compacted paulownia sawdust mixed with glue. Clothes made of silk and silk brocade fabrics with traditional Japanese design, and are glued and tucked into grooves of a doll body. Doll's face covered in a highly burnished gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted artistically and the wig is made of artificial or natural hair.

Dimensions: 39 cm/ 15,3 inches high 
Condition: excellent according to age, with no damage and with real antique taste.

Price: US$ 225.00

*Mail delivery and insurance fee approx: US$ 38-44.00
japanese traditional  kimekomi doll of a long hair beauty
japanese traditional  doll of a long hair beauty with cypress fan in her hand
japanese traditional  doll japanese kimekomi doll, 1950's
japanese traditional  kimekomi doll of a long hair beauty, 1950's
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