japanese traditional doll
KI-026 Japanese antique kimekomi doll of a courtier dancer with bell, 1950's

Finely modeled Japanese kimekomi doll represents young boy - courtier dancer dressed with rich silk brocaded kimono jacket with Birds of Paradise design and  silk brocaded hakama with green pattern and with black  high striped hat with red circle on it. He balanced in dance pose standing on one leg and with bells in his hand. His long black hair fall down on his shoulders .
This doll ihas been made around 1950-60's in kimekomi technique. Kimekomi dolls have carved and/or molded base of wood, wood compo, or paulownia sawdust mixed with glue. A design of different patterned cloth made of silk brocade. Doll's face finished in gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted artistically.

Dimensions: 19 cm / 7,5 inches high
Condition: excellent with no damage

Price: US$ 105.00
*Shipping and insurance fee approx. US$ 28-30.00
*Japanese traditional golden screen (6 panels) can be provided additionally by request (US$ 45.00)
japanese kimekomi doll
japanese kimekomi doll of a boy dancing with bells, 1960's
japanese traditional doll and golden screen
japanese kimekomi doll of a boy dancing with bell, 1950-60's
japanese kimekomi doll of a boy dancing with bell, 1950-60's
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