japanese antique doll of a young samurai warrior, 1930-50's
japanese antique doll of a young samurai warrior lord with banner in his hand
KI-038 Japanese  kimekomi doll of a Young boy Momotaro, a Samurai Warrior  with Banner in his hand, 1950's

Antique Japanese kimekomi  doll of a young samurai MOMOTARO,  dressed in rich silk brocade camp jacket jinbaori, kimono with a pattern of golden chrysanthemum flowers  and samurai bakama pants with geometrical pattern. His still a child's hairstyle is decorated with a ribbon and black hair is combed and tied up in a bundle on a head top and in both sides of the head partly fall down on shoulders
He holds a silk banner with hieroglyphs in one of his hand and in other hand he hold a sei-hai - the command staff.
His katana sword is attached to his silk obi belt.
Doll's face finished with gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted artistically.

'Kimekomi' means "tuck in" in Japanese. The doll body is made of compacted paulownia sawdust mixed with glue. Clothes made of silk brocade with traditional Japanese design, and are glued and tucked into grooves of a doll body.

Dimensions: 21,5cm/ 8,5 inches high (with banner, without banner 18 cm)
Condition: very good according to age. Small scratching on one hand (with flag)

Price: US$ 118.00
*Shipping and insurance fee approx: US$ 38-42.00
doll's banner
japanese traditional doll of a samurai warrior
japanese traditional kimekomi doll of a young samurai warrior
japanese antique doll in kimekomi technique
japanese traditional kimekomi doll of a young samurai warrior
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