japanese kimekomi doll, 1930-50's

japanese traditional kimekomi doll
KI-045 Japanese traditional kimekomi doll of a courtier dancer with high golden hat and folding fan in his hand, 1930-50's

Finely modeled Japanese kimekomi doll represents a courtier dancer  dressed with rich silk brocade  court costume and with hair style of Heian era. His has silver colored kimono jacket  with river stream motif and very long silk hakama pants colored in orange-red. His long black hair adorned with and high golden courtier hat with orange-red ribbon on his head. He is dances with folding han in his hand and with sword katana attached to his belt.
The doll made around 1930-50's  in kimekomi technique. Doll's face finished in gofun (crashed oyster shell) and hand-painted artistically.

Kimekomi dolls have carved and/or molded base of wood, wood compo, or paulownia sawdust mixed with glue. A design of different patterned cloth made of silk brocade with traditional Japanese design scraps is planned out, and the base is grooved so that the edges of the cloth can be hidden in the grooves. The cloth is glued on and the edges tucked in. The head and hands of the doll are usually finished with gofun (crashed oyster shell), doll's face covered in a highly burnished gofun and hand-painted, the hair may be a part of the molded head or be a separate wig.
These lovely dolls have become a very popular Japanese craft and collection.
Dimensions: 19cm/ 7,5 inches high
Condition: excellent according to age

Dimensions: 22 cm / 8,6 inches high
Condition: very good according to age (small scratching on a hand which holds a folding fan)

Price: US$ 122.00
japanese traditional kimekomi doll, 1930-50's
japanese traditional kimekomi doll of a courtier dancer with high golden hat, 1930's
japanese antique kimekomi doll of a courtier dancer
japanese traditional kimekomi doll with katana sword and folding fan
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