S-016 Japanese Kyo Ningyo Gosho doll of a Boy with Noh Theatre Mask, 1950's

Extremely rare ceramic Gosho doll from Kyoto (Kyo Ningyo) depicts s a child dressed in silk brocaded red apron with red cords and high golden court hat. The boy sits on his knees and holds big Noh Theatre Mask of Hannya (Devil Spirit) in his hands.  Boy's face and body are well modeled and delicately hand painted as well as the Noh mask.
By tradition, Gosho Dolls represent chubby, almost naked little boys with large heads, round bodies and brilliant white skin. They generally show an originality and character which places them in a special category of Japanese dolls.
Dimensions: 15 cm / 5,9 inches high 
Condition: very good

Price: US$ 145.00

*Mail delivery and insurance fee approx: US$ 32-40.00

japanese traditional doll, 1950's
japanese antique gosho doll with mask
japanese antique doll with mask
japanese antique doll with mask
japanese tradotonal doll, Kyoto, 1950's
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