S-007 Japanese Gosho doll of Lion-mask dancer, 1930's

Lovely Gosho doll from the Kaga region of Japan portrays a child performing the Lion Dance (Sakamoto no Shishimai). The boy holds big wooden festival mask of Shi-Shi (The Lion of Buddha) with an attached silk cloth which covers his head.  Facial features are well modeled and delicately hand painted, and tufts of hair fall from each side of the boy's faces. He dressed in silk brocaded golden color aprons with red cords. The Lion dance, popular at New Year’s to ward off epidemics and evil spirits, was a favorite theme for doll makers.
By tradition, Gosho Dolls represent chubby, almost naked little boys with large heads, round bodies and brilliant white skin. They generally show an originality and character which places them in a special category of Japanese dolls.
Dimensions: 19 cm / 7,5 inches high
Condition: excellent with no damage


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japanese doll
japanese traditional doll of a boy with lion mask
japanese traditional doll of a boy with lion mask, 1930's

japanese traditional doll of a boy with lion mask
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