Japanese doll with mask and hammers in her hands
Japanese antique doll
japanese antique doll
OG-269 Japanese unique doll  of a Noh Theatre Character as MUSUME DOJO-JI in wonderfully rendered kimono and removed mask, 1950's

Very rare and unique Japanese antique doll of Japanese Noh Theatre Character as young beauty Kiyohime or Musume Dojo-jo with mask and  beautiful stage costume crafted in Kyoto, around 1950's and represents very popular play of Noh Theatre, whose story tells about sad love story between wealthy man's daughter Kiyohime and monk of Yamabusi Buddhist sect ( the warrior-monk)
The doll has removable Noh mask of Ja ( snake) and wonderful black silk upper kimono with hand embroidery as well as other golden-red kimono with applied gold triangles ( as a snake skin) and white silk socks on the feet.  Her long black hair is tied on the back. The Doll holds two magic wooden hammers in her hands.
The doll crafted in Kyoto, around 1950's ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship. Tender, expressive face, exquisite kimonos make this doll a highly collectible item of Japanese art.

Dimensions: 32 cm / 12,5 inches high
Conditions: excellent with no damage

Price: US$ 755.00
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US$ 82-90.00
japanese doll's kimono detail of embroidery

Japanese doll  of a Noh Theatre Character Musume Dojo-ji, 1950's
Japanese unique doll  of a Noh Theatre Character Dojo-ji
Japanese antique doll  of a Noh Theatre Character Dojo-ji
japanese doll' detail of costume
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