Japanese antique doll of a Boy Courtier with tachi sword
OG-109 Japanese antique doll of a Boy Courtier with tachi sword, early 1970's

Japanese antique doll represents a young boy  dressed with rich silk brocaded jacket - kariginu and with red very long hakama pants (naga hakama) which is Japanese traditional court attire. His jacket adorned with clouds and geometrical motif and with silk rope and tassel on jacket's wide sleeves. Red silk naga hakama pants are extremely long for trailing when walking as it was in usage for court dress.  Boy's long black hair fluff on his shoulders in the fashion of Heian era. His  big tachi sword with black lacquered scabbard and hilt with 'sharkskin' attached on his obi belt. The young courtie stands on wooden desk covered Japanese golden paper.

Wonderfully crafted doll is ensuring the finest craftsmanship and it is in excellent conditions according to age with no damage but with rich antique taste.

Dimensions:  28,5 cm /11,2 inches high

Price: US$ 125.00
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US$ 48-56.00
Japanese antique doll of a Boy Courtier dressed with naga hakama pants
japanese antique doll
*Japanese traditional  glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request.
Japanese antique doll of a Boy Courtier with tachi sword. The Black Samurai Online Store
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