japanese antique doll
Japanese antique doll of Tomoe Gozen - Lady Warrior
OG-191 Japanese antique doll  of a Lady Warrior and her chef aide, 1900's

Unique Japanese antique dolls  represents a epic person of Heian era - Tomoe Gozen - a young noblewoman dressed with an armor suit, with  katana sword behind her belt and with big bow in her hand. Her beautiful face is soft and thoughtful, her mouth slightly opened, and her long hair tied in tail and flowing along her back. Young man follows her. He is her chef aide. He dressed with hunting attire and has big bow in his hand and katana sword.
The dolls stands on wooden stand.

Dimensions: 25 cm / 9,8 inches high
Conditions: very good according to age and with no damage and with real antique taste.

Shipping and insurance fee US$ 35 - 40.00
Japanese antique doll of a Lady Warrior

Tomoe Gozen, Japanese epic heroine
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japanese antique doll of Meiji era

japanese antique dolls, Meiji era
japanese antique doll
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