Japanese antique doll
Japonais poupée ancienne
japanese antique doll of Taisho era, 1920's
japanese antique doll of a girl, 1920's
OG-263 Japanese antique doll  of a girl with folding fan in her hands, 1920's

Lovely Japanese antique doll  represents a little girl dressed with wonderful silk kimono full of flowers and butterflies. The girl sits and holds  Japanese traditional folding fans artistically hand painted with flowers and mist motif. Her silk brocaded obi belt tied as big butterfly in her back. And girl's hair cut in a style which is typical of the Taisho era ( 1912-1924).
The doll sits on a black lacquered wooden plaque.

Dimensions: 25 cm / 9,8 inches high
Conditions: very good according to age  and with real antique taste.

Price: US$ 320.00 (without glass box)
*Shipping and insurance fee US$ 35 - 48.00 (without a glass box)
**Japanese antique glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided for additional price by request
Japonais poupée ancienne

Japonais poupée ancienne
japanese doll
japanese traditional doll

japanese antique doll
Japanese doll
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