japanese ichimatsu doll, 1950-60's
japanese traditional doll of a girl dressed with wonderful silk kimono
OG-279 Japanese antique doll  of a Girl dressed in wonderfully rendered kimono, 1930's

Lovely Japanese Ichimatsu style doll ( Ichimatsu are the child dolls correctly proportioned usually made with their movable hands) crafted in Kyoto, around 1950-60's and represents a little girl dressed with: colorful silk kimono designed with Tokugawa's family mon or crest, flowers, hexagons, and other Japanese symbols of good fortune and prosperity. Her silk brocaded obi belt tied in Butterfly style on her back. Japanese traditional purse  with long silver hair pin bira-bira as a necessary accessory of a festive attire is attached  in the bosom. Silk brocaded obi belt adorned  silk ribbon and pink tie-dyed silk under-obi.  Her black straight hair is cut and combed in the fashion of Taisho era ( 1912-1924). The doll stands on a wooden plaque.
And wooden stand with author name come with.
Dimensions: 47 cm / 18,5 inches high
Conditions: excellent according to age with no damage

* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US$ 52-56.00

japanese ichimatsu doll, 1950-60's. The Black Samurai Online Store

japanese ichimatsu doll, 1950-60's
japanese traditional doll, vintage. The Black Samurai Online Store
lovely japanese traditional doll, vintage, 1950-60's
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