japanese traditional doll
japanese antique doll, 1960's
OG-277 Japanese antique doll of a Long hair Beauty, 1960's

This graceful  Japanese traditional doll  represents long-hair beautiful young noble lady dresses with light green silk kimono and orange-gold silk brocaded kimono gown - uchikake designed with intricate chrysanthemum flowers and  golden clouds motif.  Her uchikake's  long right sleeve thrown off to reveal light colored  figured silk her under kimono. Her hairdo in  late Kamakura style embellished with silk flowers , rope and ribbon. She holds a strand of her long hair in her hand and looks thoughtfully into somewhere in. Her face is very delicate and adorable.
Dimensions: 43 cm / 16,9 inches high
Conditions: excellent according to age with no damage


*Shipping and insurance fee from Japan to USA is about US$ 65.00 and to UK and Europe US$ 68.00
japanese traditional doll of a young long-hair beauty
japanese traditional doll
japanese traditional doll, 1960's
japanese traditional doll of a  long-hair young noble lady, 1960's
japanese traditional doll of a  long-hair young noble lady
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