Japanese antique doll of a maiko girl in exquisitesilk kimono, 1930's

japanese traditional doll of maiko, 1930's

japanese antique doll

japanese antique MAIKO doll
OG-242 Japanese antique MAIKO doll from Kyoto , 1930's

This wonderful Japanese doll crafted in Kyoto, around 1930-s and represents beautiful young maiko ( apprentice geisha) girl dressed with artistically hand painted red silk kimono with very long sleeves ( symbol of unmarried woman) and adorned with persimmons, flowers and butterflies  motif and silk brocaded golden-green obi belt tied in only maiko's way with long wings which down to the ground. Her exquisite upper kimono is shoved under red rope-belt (obijime), which decorate her obi sash belt in front to reveal her plain red silk under-kimono. 
Maiko's black wooden high sandals - pokkuri ( a symbol of virginity) hand painted with golden flowers.
Her hairdo in  Edo style  embellished with silk flowers, metal bira-bira two  long hair pin and silk scarf.
Dimensions: 42 cm / 16, 5  inches high
Condition: very good according to age with no damage and with real antique taste. Slightly faded kimono's color.

Price: US$ 480.00
*Mail delivery and insurance fee will be approx. US $ 78-82.00

**Japanese glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided by request ( a price depend from size and weight). maiko's high pokkuri sandals
japanese antique MAIKO doll
japanese antique MAIKO doll
japanese antique MAIKO doll
japanese antique dolls collection
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