japanese antique icimatsu doll
OG-240 Japanese antique doll  of a Boy dressed in formal attire, 1930's

Lovely Japanese Ichimatsu style doll  ( Ichimatsu dolls are the child dolls correctly proportioned usually made with their movable hands and legs) crafted in Kyoto, around 1930-s and represents a little boy dressed in formal attire: silk hand painted kimono jacket haori adorned with five samurai family mon or crest, silk kimono and white under kimono and silk brocaded hakama pants and white traditional socks. Japanese traditional folding fan as a necessary accessory of aristocratic costume is attached under hakama's belt. Japanese legendary treasure ship Takarabune is hand painted on his haori back.. The doll stands on an assembled wooden metal stand.
Highly collectible!

Dimensions: 42,5 cm / 16,7 inches high
Conditions: very good according to age and with no damage and with real antique taste.


japanese ichimatsu dolls

japanese traditional dool of a little boy dressed with formal attire
japanese traditional doll
japanese doll, 1930's
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