japanese antique silk face doll of OIRAN, 1950's
OG-159 Japanese antique Oiran doll, 1950's

Splendid and very rare Japanese antique silk-faced doll represents Oiran dressed in numerous rich  kimonos and silk brocaded obi belt tied in Oiran's style in front, and adorned with golden cords. Her complexity special Oiran's hair-style embellished with numerous hair-pins, bira-bira pins and comb as well as silk fabric and rope. Her wooden high sandals have three high heals.
From the Edo period the Oiran were the best classes among the women of pleasure and they had the most elaborate and rich costume and hair style possible. She might walk out splendid dressed and escorted by apprentices and little servant girls.
Their art and fashions often set trends and, because of this, cultural aspects of Oiran traditions continue to be preserved to this day.

Dimensions of the doll: 67 cm /26,3 inches high
Condition: the doll is in excellent condition according to age with no damage and with wonderful antique taste.

Price: US$ 790.00

Express mail delivery fee with full insurance will be about US$ 98-105.00
japanese antiqie silk faced doll of OIRAN

japanese oiran traditional wooden high heels sandals
japanese antique silk faced OIRAN doll with intricate kimono garment
antique japanese oiran doll, 1950's
japanese traditional doll of oiran, detail of hair style
oiran, japanese antique silk-faced doll
oiran, japanese antique silk-faced doll
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