BENKEI, Japanese antique doll of Kabuki Theatre Character
japanese antique histirical doll BENKEI, 1930's
OG-165 Japanese Antique Doll of Japanese Kabuki Theatre charackter Benkei, the hero of Japanese medieval history

Very rare Japanese doll made in Kyoto about 1930's and represents Japanese Kabuki theatre actor as  a hero  of Japanese medieval history a warrior monk called Benkei (1155–1189). He was a man of a great strength and loyalty and he served Minamoto no Yositsune( also the hero of Japanese medieval epos Taira Monogotari).
He was a member of Yamabushi Buddhist sect of mountain itinerant monks, which had perfect warrior skills and who were recognizable by their small black caps on a head.
Benkei stands with long spear in his left hand and with katana sword and tanto dagger shoved in his obi belt.
He dressed with silk brocaded ivory colored hakama pants, plaid kimono and black silk jacket kariginu. And Benkei has wooden lacquered backpack full of Buddhist manuscripts on his back. His head covered with small black lacquered hat  as a symbol of his Yamabushi sect of Buddhism and his long black hair flowing on his back and shoulder. Actor's face has character's make up.
Condition: excellent,  according to age without any damage and with real antique taste.

Dimensions: 30 cm / 11,8 inches high

japanese antique doll of Benkei, Yamabushi warrior monk
japanese antique doll of Kabuki theatre characker as BENKEI, Kyoto, 1930's

japanese traditional  doll, Kyoto, 1930's
Japanese doll of Yamabushi warrior monk BENKEI, 1930's
japanese antique doll of BENKEI, Yamabushi warrior monk
Japanese antique interior doll of Yamabushi warrior monk BENKEI
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