japanesel long hair beauty doll from Kyoto, 1970's
OG-172 Japanese doll of a long hair beauty, 1970's

Japanese collectible stylish and bright  kimono doll dressed in silk kimono and beautifully designed and hand-embroidered kimono gown uchikake saffron-gold color and Mandarin duck, flowers and stream motif - Japanese symbols of good fortune.  This lovely author's doll represents young long hair beauty  of Heian period of Japanese history (from 794  to 1185 ), probably a bride according to her kimono gown's motif.
A young beauty stands with a sweet smile on her  half-open lips and her beautiful long hair have been loose on her shoulder.
The artist named the doll as "Antique Beauty of Kyoto". Wooden stand with an artist name come with.
Dimensions: 38 cm / 15 inches high
Condition: excellent!

Price: US $ 650.00
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US $ 82-88.00
japanese traditional doll's kimono details of embroidery
japanesel long hair beauty doll,  1970's

japanese collectible doll
japanese traditional interior doll. collectible doll
japanese collectiblel doll of a long-hair beauty
japanese doll
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