japanese geisha doll
BJ-100 Japanese geisha doll dancing with small drum, 1980's

Stylish and very big Japanese kimono doll dressed with elegancy with beautifully designed tender color silk brocaded kimono gown uchikake with gardening motif represents young beautiful geisha.  Her rich outer uchikake gown thrown off to reveal vibrant figured silk her second peach colored kimono with golden cherry flowers.
Geisha stands in dance pose and  holds a small drum in her hand for beating time for dance rhythm. And she holds her outer kimono flap with the other hand.
Geisha's hair-dress is beautifully adorned with long tortoise hair-pins and and with carved bira-bira -pin and silver paper and her long hair brushed in Kyoto style.
Doll stands on black lacquered figured wooden stand.  Geisha's face is tender and sentimental
The artist named the doll as Iwai-no-ne ( Sound of Congratulating ). Wooden stand with an artist name come with.
Dimensions: 59 cm / 23,3 inches high
Condition: excellent

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geisha doll kimono detail
Japanese geisha doll
japanese  geisha doll
japanese  geisha doll
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