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japanese antique twin boys dolls dancers
japanese antique tein boys dolls, late Meiji era. The Black samurai Online Store
OG-154 Japanese Antique Dolls of Twin Boys Courtier Dancers, 1900's

Absolutely rare and extremely large pair of Japanese antique dolls represents twin courtier boys dancers with traditional bells in their hands for  Sambaso dance. Two boys are dressed in traditional high stripes hats with image of Sun and wonderfully crafted silk brocaded kamishimo with pine trees and flowers motif and red silk inner kimono. They have wonderfully hand painted folding fan in their bossom.
Each of the boy stands on one leg and holds other his leg suspended in well balanced dance position. Their very expressive faces carved of wood and covered in with a highly burnished many layered gofun.
These magnificent dolls were crafted in Kyoto in the Meiji era (1868-1912), ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship.
Dimensions: 47 cm / 18,5” high
Condition: very good condition according to age with small barely visible crack on one doll's foot.

Price: US $ 1 450.00 for pair
*Shipping and insurance fee  is approx. US $ 98-108.00

japanese antique doll. japanese doll collection
japanese antique doll of a boy dancer, Meiji era
japanese antique twin boys dolls
Japanese antique doll of a boy-dancer
japanese antique twin boys dolls. The Black Samurai Online Store
Japanese Antique  Twin Boys Dolls Dancers with bells in their hands, Meiji era
japanese antique boys dolls in high striped hats
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