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OG-007 Japanese Antique Doll of a Young Prince, 1930's

Japanese doll from Kyoto represents a young prince dressed  with silk brocaded green kimono jacket adorned with golden and silver chrysanthemums flowers motif and his jacket sleeves  are  thrown off to reveal figured silk his white kimono with waves motif. His hakama pants colored in dark-blue. Prince's long black hair fluff on his shoulders in the fashion of Heian period of Japanese history and decorated with golden ribbon on top. His face is very young and gentle and hand painted delicate.

Doll's dimensions: 30 cm / 11,8"
Condition: The doll is in excellent condition with no damage

Price: US$ 148.00
* Express delivery  insurance and insurance approx. - US$ 42-48.00
Japanese Young Prince doll

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