Japanese doll


samurai warrior lord camp overcoat JINBAORI
Samurai Warrior Lord Camp Overcoat Jinbaori H-074
Japanese samurai warrior lord woolen and silk camp overcoat JINBAORI with daimyo family mon of TOSA on back.
Edo period


antique japanese horse-stirrup ABUMI, 18th century
Japanese Battle Horse Pair of Stirrups AS-042
Japanese samurai's battle horse pair of iron stirrups.
Iron, black lacquer, gold samurai family mon or crest and red lacquer inside.
Late Edo period

Price: PUR

Japanese Samurai Warrior Battle Fan TESSEN
Gunsen, Japanese Warrior Lord battle fan T-007
Samurai Warrior Lord's battle folding fan Gunsen (Tessen).
Metal, Japanese paper with gold and silver urushi, and with engraved and gilded image of a Dragon.
Edo period


japanese antique secret storage for silver coins in shape of tanto knife
KOTSUBU-IRE, Japanese antique tanto knife koshirae with secret case for silver bar-coins AC-106
Japanese antique wooden case for Tokugawa's silver coins Ichibu-ban hidden inside of a tanto koshirae.
Sven silver bar-coins,, wood, samegawa skin on tsuka, menuki, horn, silk rope
Approx. 1840's

Price: $ 2 280.00

japanese antique signal shell horn HORAGAI
Horagai, Japanese signal shell trumpet for battle's signals AS-016
Samurai warriors or yamabushi monks big  signal's shell-horn HORAGAI.
Sea shell, cooper mouthpiece, silk rope
Late Edo era

Price: $ 1 450.00

japanese antique samirai warrior camp overcoat JINBAORI
Jinbaori, Samurai Warrior Lord Camp Overcoat H-170
Japanese antique samurai warrior lord woolen camp overcoat JINBAORI with samurai family mon on back.
late Edo period

Price: $ 1 250.00

yatate, Japanese antique wooden carved portable writing set, Meiji era
Yatate, Japanese antique portable writing set  AC-082
Finely carved wooden antique Japanese portable writing set in shape of a Palace's carriage. Signed by artist.
time: Meiji period
material: wood

Price: US$ 680.00

Japanese antiquer tobacco pipe and weapon or kenka-kiseru
Kenko kiseru, very long tobacco pipe and weapon AC-058
Rare antique long body smoking pipe which was used as special weapon on man-to-man defense
time: late Edo period
material: bronze


japanese antique smoking  tobacco pipe
Japanese three parts divided tobacco pipe and undercover weapon AC-042
Nicely engraved with butterfly and plants motif, divided into three parts, very rare Japanese smoking tobacco pipe and undercover special weapon!
time: late Edo period
material: metal


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