japanese traditional doll

japanese traditional dol

japanese traditional dol
BJ-115 Japanese doll of a dancing young lady with folding fan in her hand, 1970's

Japanese stylish and bright  kimono doll dressed in beautifully designed kimono full of flowers on bright silk background with transition colors and with orange-gold silk brocaded obi belt with hexagonal motif as a symbol of good fortune tied in big bow on her back. Her hairstyle is beautifully adorned with two wonderfully carved pins, comb, silk scarf, and with bira-bira metal pin with silk flower. Doll holds in her hand a folding fan hand painted with tree flying white storks motif. She stands on black lacquered wooden stand.  Her face is tender and pensive. 
Dimensions: 47 cm /18,5 inches high
Condition: excellent. Wooden stand with an artist name come with.

Price: US$ 435.00
*Express mail delivery and insurance fee is approx. US$ 48-52.00
**Japanese glass-wooden box for storage and display can be provided additionally by request.
japanese traditional forlding fan
japanese doll
japanese traditional doll of a young woman dancing with folding fan in her hand
japanese traditional doll of a young woman dancing with folding fan in her hand, 1970's
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