Japanese Noh Theatre Doll by Tanaka, 1960's
BJ-037 Japanese Vintage Noh Theatre Character doll, 1960's

Finely modeled Japanese doll represents Noh Theater Character oldman Okina with mask. An actor stays on stage with folding gold fan in his hand and with other hand up. His silk brocade kimono and hakama is very rich ornamented with chrysanthemum motif.
This doll wonderfully crafted by Tanaka, famous Japanese artist. The wooden stand with artist's name and glass-wooden display box comes with
Box dimensions: 37 cm / 14,5 inches high and 35 cm / 13,7 inches wide
Condition: The doll is excellent condition with no damage.

Price: US$ 220.00 (shipping and insurance fee doll with box is about $ 120- 130.00)

Japanese doll of Noh Character, 1960's
japanese doll of Noh Character, 1960's
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