Japanese antique maiko doll, 1930's
OG-194 Japanese Antique Maiko doll, 1930's

Finely modeled Japanese antique doll of a young maiko ( apprentice geisha) dressed with pretty red silk hand-painted kimono with cherry blossom motif and with bells attached to her kimono long sleeves with long silk ribbons. The bells are ringing in the wind.  Her kimono tucked under the obi belt  and under kimono is red silk with golden dots.
Her silk brocaded obi belt tied as big bow on her back and wooden  racket for traditional Japanese game is tucked into. Her high-platform traditional maiko wooden shoes pokkuri hand-painted with red and gold hibiscus flower
Wonderful doll represents lively girl with smiling tender face and intricate hair style adorned with floral tiara and bira-bira hair-pins.
Very antique taste!

Dimensions:  42 cm / 16,6 inches high
Condition: The doll is excellent condition according to age with no damage.

Express mail delivery fee with insurance will be about US$ 52-56.00
doll detail
Japanese antique  doll, 1930's
Japanese traditional doll, 1930's
japanese traditional maiko doll, 1930's
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